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Identity & Web Design

Exploring brands and their story.

Vuefinda's mission is to build a community around new social experiences. To create a platform where users can view stories in the world of hospitality and beyond.

We were commissioned to design and develop their visual identity, as well as design their interactive web platform.

Simple graphic themes and structures help to create the framework for content, allowing the messaging to be clear and engaging specific to each brand subset.


The Brand

With the aim to create engaging communication, video is the title media. This required a brand direction that embraces the unique differences between each business.

The objective, allow for communication to the masses to be somewhat intriguing. Give away small lending information that users want to grasp and explore.



Creating graphic elements that allow for illusive and intriguing themes of communication was essential. Drawing from the logo mark, a "masking" graphic system was created to aid in the intrigue of communication. A dark palette works as a natural base for collateral highlighting the brands simplicity, minimal aesthetic and intriguing nature. 

This system can be used across multiple applications of media, whilst allowing the brand content to still be the centre of focus. The subtle changes in orientation and layout allow for a differentiating structure whilst still maintaining brand integrity.

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